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Terms and Conditions

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Parveen Disclaims Any Responsibility For The Content Of Other Sites On The Internet, Which May Be Linked To The Site, Or Any Material Of Third Parties That May Be Accessed Through The Site. With Respect To Any Bulletin Boards Or Forums That Become Available On The Site, Parveen Disclaims Responsibility Or Liability For Any Statements Opinions Of Third Parties Expressed In Such Communications, And It Reserves The Right To Remove Material That Is Illegal, Offensive Or Otherwise Inappropriate.

  • Temperature check will be done before boarding the bus.Passengers with symptoms will not be allowed to board the bus.
  • Boot of the bus will be opened by the attender and customers are requested to handle luggage on their own.
  • A free safety kit will be provided to each customer during the boarding procedure.
  • Masks should be compulsorily worn throughout the journey.
  • All Passengers are advised to bring their own bedspreads/blankets.
  • Avoid unnecessary movement/ touching of common areas in the bus.

On your credit card is processed by ICICI Payment Gateway. Booking of tickets is subject to realization of fare and the service charges (including Service Tax) from ICICI Bank through the Payment Gateway Cancellation Charges.You are required to pay the cost of the ticket, Admin Charges and the service charge (including Service Tax) through ICICI Payment gateway. Payment by credit cards for Internet Booking Operated by ICICI Bank. Payments through any Master / Visa credit cards issued by any bank When you press pay button in ICICI payment gateway page, the server will process your credit-card in about 5 seconds, but it may be longer at certain times. So wait for some more time. To avoid double charge,Do not press the Submit buttonmore than once, and do not press the back or Refresh buttons. For submissionmore than Non-authorization of payment more than once by payment gateway for tickets booked by you is liable to result in deregistration of your account with this site, without any Cancellation Procedure.

  • 12 hours before Departure 15% cancellation Charges
  • Between 12 hours & 4hours before Departure 30% cancellation charges
  • Between 4Hours & 3Hours Before Departure 60% cancellation Charges.
  • Last 3 Hours Before Departure - 90% cancellation charges

You cannot cancel tickets after the above mentioned timelines and it will be considered as not traveled,/No Non-Refundable

Due to last minute breakdowns under unavoidable conditions, the Company may use an alternate vehicle or club it with other transporter. We request the to co-operate with the Transporter under such circumstances.

The Company has the right to shift the passenger's seat if the situation requires and customers are requested to oblige such requests under genuine circumstances.

Bus may be delayed due to some unavoidable reasons like traffic jams etc.

Passengers are requested to arrive at the boarding point at the reporting time mentioned in the ticket.

Passengers are requested to show the E-Ticket before boarding the bus. In case of any controversy, this may happen unlikely, please show photo identity card.

The company shall not be responsible for any delay or inconvenience during the journey due to breakdown of the vehicle or other reasons beyond the control of the company.

Passengers are requested to carry a photo identity card when boarding the bus with e-ticket,

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please call us at +91-98409-62134 or mail us to customercare@parveentravels.com

We will carry your luggage on and subject to these General Conditions of Parveen Travels (P) Ltd., And on any applicable special conditions 20 kg per Ticket and one small piece of hand luggage will be allowed. In this context, hand means something that is capable of fitting on an overhead luggage rack or under seats. If we agree to carry any particular luggage on any journey this does not mean that we have agreed to carry that luggage or luggage exceeding the permitted quantity on any subsequent journey you make.

Fragile items such as electrical goods portable televisions and radio will only be carried if they are reasonable size and securely fastened.

Such luggage shall not contain gold ornaments are currency notes or any contraband materials Drivers will load your luggage on or off coaches except where in the reasonable opinion of the driver, your luggage exceeds the recommended weight, whereby you will be responsible for making arrangements for the lifting of your luggage, on or off the coach. However the company is not at all responsible for the missing,Damage & lost luggage.

The passenger has to carry the baggages at their own risk & responsibility.

We shall be entitled to inspect all of your luggage, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the above requirements. We shall not be obliged to carry you or your luggage and shall be entitled to remove you from the vehicle if you refuse to submit for a search.

Our liability for lost luggage: If you leave behind or lose your luggage on a coach or at a station we shall not have any responsibility for the luggage of the passengers / loser. Our liability for loss or damage to luggage.

Your luggage shall be at your risk at all times, and we will not be liable for any loss of or damage to your luggage caused by your negligence.