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Chairman's Message

The late founder believed that customer satisfaction is the key to success in a travel and tourism sector. He wanted his company to earn loyal customers and invested heavily on bringing them comfort. His taxi was special in 1967 because of his hospitality to his customers. He never wanted his customers to keep a travel a distant memory. Instead he wanted it to be refreshing one and made it available to every passenger who seeks the services of the company.

To be a trend setter in tourism and travel industry.
To be the behemoth in service excellence Through exceptional service make the customers realize the value of the money spent. To make the brand a household name of very satisfied customer

The traditional motto of the company 'Service before oneself' is to be followed in all levels of the management and also emphasizing the customer's comfort on every stage of business. The core for every travel and tourism is customer satisfaction. Make the customers travel a happy part of his life. Every customer is important. Profits have

Finest services to be offered to customers at all times. Make the customer feel special and experience the completeness of the service. To expand into every dimension of Business

About AB Group

ABBE group is company that showed tremendous growth into a behemoth through sheer passion and dedication to customer service. The founder kick started the brand with a single taxi on the streets of Chennai and the trust of the customers built the ABBE group. Our business strategies were focused only on customer satisfaction. The brand itself is a souvenir of excellence. Veterans seasoned with experience and industry intelligence add further strength to the brand ABBE by forming the top tier of the management.Parveen is the name every household speaks of before planning a travel. Dedication and passion in providing utmost comfort for a customer willing to travel has elevated a single taxi to a most powerful travel brand. We have ventured into almost every segment in the travel business and shot to the top as the embodiment in that particular sector.

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