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Frequently Asked Questions

What is failure transaction / unsuccessful transaction?
All payments are processed by the bank that issues the credit or debit card or netbanking. Based on that process the bank returns a successful or failed message. Bank does not provide any reason for failed transactions and in some cases may return this message to us even after successfully debiting a customer's account. No amount is paid to us when a transaction is termed failed and we would not be in a position to make refunds against these transactions. The process of receiving the transaction status is fully automated and it is very unlikely that we do not confirm a ticket with a successful transaction message.

Payment made but no confirmed ticket.
Tickets are confirmed when we receive a Successful transaction message. Any technical problems in this stage including a break in connectivity or slow connection can cause this problem. In all these circumstances the total amount including any service charge is refunded to the customers account. The refund is done as a manual process in the morning of every working day. The amount will normally reflect in the customer's account within 15 working days, but this depends on the individual bank and their processes.

Cancellation refund not done.
The cancellation refunds are done manually every forenoon on all working days. The refund amount will normally appear within 15 working days of our refunding, but this depends on the individual bank and their processes.

How to do partial cancellation? And how to do it?
The cancellation screen displays the list of seats booked in red, only those seats that are selected are cancelled. Currently this feature is not available, We will provide this feature as soon as possible.

Current cancellation.
We do allow cancellation of current tickets up to four hour before departure of bus from its starting point. This time is not to be confused with the boarding time printed on your booking.

Who do I contact for complaints regarding refunds, failed transactions, not confirmed order etc?
The best way to reach us for complaints regarding refunds, failed transactions and booking etc is by writing a email to support with your PNR & contact details. We therefore strongly recommend you to use the support link.

Who do I contact for complaints related to operations?
Complaints related to the actual bus services i.e. Delay in service, physical discomfort during the journey, behaviour of the staff, quality of buses, etc will be addressed at main office. You can send a mail that reaches the management directly.